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Review: Playing It Cool (Sydney Smoke Rugby Series) by Amy Andrews

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Title: Playing It Cool (Sydney Smoke Rugby Series)
Author: Amy Andrews
Publisher: Entangled Publishing
Publication Date: September 12, 2016
Genre: Adult, Romance


*I received a free copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review*

Harper Nugent might have a little extra junk in her trunk, but her stepbrother calling her out on it is the last straw... When rugby hottie, Dexter Blake, witnesses the insult, he surprises Harper by asking her out. In front of her dumbass brother. Score! Of course, she knows it's not for reals, but Dex won't take no for an answer.
Dexter Blake's life revolves around rugby with one hard and fast rule: no women. Sure, his left hand is getting a workout, but he's focused on his career for now. Then he overhears an asshat reporter belittle the curvy chick he'd been secretly ogling. What's a guy to do but ask her out? It's just a little revenge against a poser, and then he'll get his head back in the game.
But the date is better than either expected. So is the next one. And the next. And the heat between them...sizzles their clothes right off.
Suddenly, this fake relationship is feeling all too real...

Hallelujah, finally a novel featuring a protagonist with some curves! They are so few and far between, which is sad because not everyone is in single digit pant sizes. It's hard to relate to the skinny, incredibly gorgeous heroines that are featured in the vast majority of romance novels.

I liked that I could relate to Harper. She struggled with a lot of the same self-doubt and confidence issues that I've faced in my life, although she sure found a way to leave those negatives at the door when it came to Dex. At first she wasn't sure about him; I mean, a popular rugby player asking her out and heaping compliments on her when she wasn't used to it was suspicious. It's sad that she even had to wonder if she was the target of a cruel dare, but it's not a secret that some guys are just jerks.

Once she got past her hesitations, boy did things get steamy! She wasn't very shy when it came to sex; she knew what she liked and she knew how to give Dex what he wanted as well. And I loved how Dex made her feel so beautiful, both with his words and actions. From personal experience, I know that means a lot when you're battling self-consciousness.
Harper and Dex had amazing chemistry throughout pretty much the entire book, but of course, with his dedication to rugby, there was bound to be some conflict. I just felt like she let him off the hook too easily. On one hand, she did agree to sort of a no-strings relationship with him, yet on the other hand he gave mixed signals and then balked when she seemed to be getting too attached. I was a little conflicted by the ending, but I don't want to give anything away. Let's just say she was a little too forgiving there too.

I know I can't be the only one who is thrilled to read about a curvier heroine, so if that's something that interests you and you're in the mood for a light-hearted romance, you should definitely check out Playing It Cool.

If you would like to learn more about the author, Amy Andrews, please visit her website and connect with her on Facebook and Twitter.

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