Thursday, August 25, 2016

Thursday Quotables - 8/25/16

Thursday Quotables is a weekly event hosted by Bookshelf Fantasies

If you want to participate, simply choose your favorite quote, line, or passage from your current read and post it for all of us to see! 

I usually don't read a whole lot of sci-fi books, but the publisher emailed me a copy of this book and I am SO glad they did. I am loving it so far!

My little excerpt is from the very beginning of the book, mostly because I love the very first line. Honestly, I haven't made it very far yet; just started reading it last night, so I don't have a lot to pick from yet. I think you guys will enjoy it though.

In Captain Admiral Zander Graydon's opinion, it was damned impolite to try to kill a man while he was taking a piss. 
The flash of a flare knife reflecting in the flawlessly shiny chrome of the urinal jacked his heart rate into orbit and forced him into a duck, even as he reached up to grab the arm swinging at him. The metium-reinforced, superheated blade could cut through armor plating. If it went into his flesh, it'd be like slicing water.
With a bone-crushing grip on the man's wrist, Zander came up, twisting to face his attacker. 

- Quantum, page 7 of the eBook

Now it's your turn! Make sure to share your quotes with me, either in the comments or by sharing a link to your post. 


  1. That IS a great first line! LOL. I hope the rest lives up to the strong beginning!