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Doctor Who: The Drosten's Curse by A.L. Kennedy

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 Author: A.L. Kennedy
Publisher: Broadway Books
Publication Date: July 14, 2015
Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book from Blogging for Books in exchange for an honest review

“I shall make you the jewel at the heart of the universe.”

Something distinctly odd is going on in Arbroath. It could be to do with golfers being dragged down into the bunkers at the Fetch Brothers’ Golf Spa Hotel, never to be seen again. It might be related to the strange twin grandchildren of the equally strange Mrs Fetch--owner of the hotel and fascinated with octopuses. It could be the fact that people in the surrounding area suddenly know what others are thinking, without anyone saying a word.

Whatever it is, the Doctor is most at home when faced with the distinctly odd. With the help of Fetch Brothers’ Junior Receptionist Bryony, he’ll get to the bottom of things. Just so long as he does so in time to save Bryony from quite literally losing her mind, and the entire world from destruction.

Because something huge, ancient and alien lies hidden beneath the ground and it’s starting to wake up…

I'm a relatively new convert to the Doctor Who fandom, but ever since the first episode I watched (Rose) I've been hooked. I can't really say I have a favorite Doctor, because I think they each bring something unique and special to the role. Doctor Who: The Drosten's Curse centers around the 4th Doctor, who I am not familiar with as I have not yet gone back and watched the older episodes. Although each actor plays the role a bit differently, the essence of the Doctor is always the same. The author nailed his personality, which involves a mixture of compassion, courage, intelligence, and an air of superiority. 

And where would the Doctor be without his companions? In this story he befriends a young receptionist named Bryony Mailer, who is fed up with her job and dreams of bigger and better things. He also meets Mr. Patterson, or Putta, who is not exactly a normal man. What he is, however, is very cowardly and awkward, and he just so happens to have a huge crush on Bryony. Bryony is just about as different from him as can be; she is very driven, confident, and courageous. I admired her, but found myself frequently annoyed by Putta, at least for the first half of the book. While Bryony remained strong in the face of danger, Putta had to work hard to overcome his timid nature and I did find some respect for him by the end. The Doctor, of course, was his usual genius self, which often came off as condescending or rude, but I guess hundreds of years of experience make it hard to deal with foolishness and stupidity. 

The foe the Doctor and his companions come up against is ancient and powerful. You know it's going to be a wild ride when the Doctor is very obviously afraid of the creature and its powers. Even with its psychic abilities, it isn't one of the most interesting alien species the Doctor has ever come across (in my book anyway). He definitely has to depend heavily on his friends in order to find a solution, but that's not a rare thing in the Doctor Who universe. Even with all of his wisdom, his companions often play a big part in saving the day. 

Doctor Who: The Drosten's Curse was the first Doctor Who novel I've ever read, but I don't think it will be my last. Author A.L. Kennedy is an obvious fan of the show and she definitely was able to accurately capture the Doctor's personality. I could see the whole story play out in my head as I was reading and it was easy to pretend it was an actual episode of the show. If you are a Doctor Who fan, even if you aren't familiar with the older incarnations of the Doctor, check this book out.

If you would like to learn more about the author, A.L. Kennedy, please visit her website and follow her on Twitter.

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