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Ebenezer Scrooge: Ghost Hunter Blog Tour

Welcome to my stop on the Ebenezer Scrooge: Ghost Hunter Blog Tour! I have my review of the book to share with you, and please make sure to enter the Rafflecopter giveaway following the review. The author is graciously giving away one (1) $100 Amazon card to a lucky reader. Might as well be you!

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Author: Jaqueline Kyle and Charles Dickens
Publisher: PYP Publishing Group
Publication Date: September 1, 2015
Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review

Ebenezer Scrooge: Ghost Hunter expands the original text of Charles Dicken’s classic with all-new scenes of malicious ghosts, soul devouring wraiths, deadly doppelgangers and other terrors from the netherworld. Our story opens seven years after Marley’s violent death. Ebenezer Scrooge has given up ghost hunting and embraced an inevitable slow death by alcohol poisoning. When the spectre of his deceased partner appears to him on Christmas Eve, Scrooge learns that he must face three Ghosts – one who will try to help him, one who will try to harm him and one that cannot be killed.

In a story that spans a lifetime of torment, Scrooge must face the demons of his past and his failures in the present in order to prevent the horror that is his future. The stakes for Scrooge’s soul have never been higher than in this wicked retelling of the classic, A Christmas Carol.

  Sadly I have to confess that I don't recall ever reading the original version of A Christmas Carol. The main reason I even know the story at all is because of the Disney version that I remember watching every Christmas (Mickey's Christmas Carol).

Does anyone else remember watching this? Ah memories. Maybe not the most true to the original story, but I'm at least familiar with the characters and overall gist of the plot. Ebenezer Scrooge: Ghost Hunter blends Charles Dickens' original work with author Jaqueline Kyle's imagining of a completely different sort of background for Scrooge. He was still an insufferable jerk in the beginning, treating everyone with disdain and contempt. This is still the reason that Marley visits him, as do the ghosts of past, present, and future. Mention of the ghost hunting was a little sparse at first and I wasn't sure if it was really going to work with the story. It definitely works though, and brilliantly. It gave Marley a much different, more pitiful (and gruesome) death and put quite the spin on the cause of Tiny Tim's health problems. There was certainly more action than I expected and I liked that it introduced a mythological creature that I wasn't familiar with. 

Having not read the original, I had no idea which lines were Dickens' creations and which were Kyle's, which I think is a testament to her writing ability. It would be so hard to incorporate your own ideas into a book written by another author and make it blend to the point where the reader can't tell that it was given life by two different people, but she pulled it off.

Whether you are a fan of A Christmas Carol or not, Ebenezer Scrooge: Ghost Hunter adds a fascinating supernatural twist that breathes new life into the classic tale and I think it will appeal to a wide variety of people. While some parts of the story changed, the overall message of goodwill and kindness remains. I thoroughly enjoyed this retelling.

Jaqueline Kyle lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with two cats and a coffee pot. In truth, Jaqueline has a coffee addiction and funds her habit through writing books... at coffee shops... as an excuse to 
stay there for hours on end. (It’s really the only way to go if you don’t plan on being a barista.) When she isn’t writing or eavesdropping in coffee shops, she’s visiting with friends. At coffee shops. 

Charles Dickens lived from 1812 to 1870 and originally wrote A Christmas Carol as a political pamphlet to bring attention to the plight of childhood ignorance and the cycle of poverty. Also, Dickens loved coffee so much that they still put his picture on coffee mugs. True Fact.

And now for the giveaway!! 
 Again, the author is being awesome and giving away a $100 Amazon card to one lucky reader. Enter now and good luck!

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