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Unexpectedly His by Maggie Kelley

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Author: Maggie Kelley
Publisher: Entangled (Lovestruck)
Publication Date: August 17, 2015
Disclaimer: I received a free copy through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

A match made in Manhattan...
By-the-book Marianne McBride wants to prove she's more than a computer geek in a pair of horn-rimmed glasses. But how did she end up hiding in a cake, waiting to sing "Happy Birthday" to Nick Wright, a sexy and arrogant serial-dater? Not exactly part of her plan. Especially when she finds herself kissing the birthday boy, and then running like hell...
Nick falls for no woman. No strings, no commitments, and no relationships. Not even with the sweetly curvaceous bombshell from his birthday. But then he's hit by a bombshell of his own. He needs to find the perfect faux fiancée, or kiss his key to the executive washroom goodbye. Fortunately, his matchmaker sister has the perfect girl in mind.
Now Nick and Marianne have to pretend they're in love for six weeks. No dating. No sex.
And definitely no acting on the wickedly-hot chemistry that could ruin everything...

Another delightfully fun, sexy novel that made me smile. There really is nothing better than a light-hearted romance to lift your spirits. Unexpectedly His was extremely charming and it shows that true love could be hiding right under your nose.

I loved the dynamic between Nick and Marianne. They were two completely different people, at least at first glance. I almost said that Nick was a player, but that's not true. He liked to sleep with many different women, however he didn't lead them on or give them false hope of it turning into anything more than casual. I don't see anything wrong with it, especially since he wasn't promising these women forever; he just hadn't found the right woman yet and his past kept him from even wanting to settle down in the first place. Marianne was very into her work and wasn't really looking for romance. She did have a crush on Nick, but didn't have the courage to act on her feelings; only when she was in disguise for his birthday party did she feel like she could let her inner temptress (or siren, as she called it) out. As an introvert, I can certainly relate, because putting yourself out there can be downright terrifying.

Their relationship starts out as a sham, as Nick had to throw together a quick engagement in order to land a huge promotion at work. That may sound crazy, but it makes sense when you find out the story behind it. Marianne quickly had him wrapped around her finger, even though she wasn't like most of the women Nick usually went after. I love that he made her feel sexy and wanted, so she could let her true self shine. In return, she helped him learn to open up and love fully, without reservations.

The sex scenes were hot. Despite her reserved outward appearance, Marianne was very confident, probably because Nick made her feel so comfortable in her own skin. They had an intense chemistry both in and out of the bedroom; I went from saying, "Awww" to "Ooooh, that's hot!"

I can't say that there were any real twists and turns in this book. Sure, there were a few bumps along the way, some hurdles to overcome, but let's be honest. We don't read these steamy romances looking for mystery and suspense. We read them because they make us feel good and it's exciting to see the characters evolve in different ways, eventually coming together in a happy ending. If you're looking for a book to escape into and unwind, then definitely check out Unexpectedly His.
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