Monday, July 20, 2015

Fatal Pursuit (Aegis #3) by Elisabeth Naughton

Author: Elisabeth Naughton
Publisher: Montlake Romance
Publication Date: July 28, 2015
Print Length: 338 pages
Age Rating: Adult
Disclaimer: Copy of this book obtained for free through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

Five years ago, Aegis Security op manager Marley Addison’s lover died in a South American raid gone horribly wrong…or so she thought. When she receives a phone call telling her that he is still very much alive and in danger, she vows to bring him home safely, even if Aegis CEO and former Navy SEAL Jake Ryder has kept her out of the field for the last few years. Then Jake shows up in Colombia to help her, leaving Marley annoyed…and more than a little distracted by her alarmingly handsome boss.

As things between Marley and Jake heat up in the wilderness, they discover their rescue mission is filled with treachery. Now the domineering Jake has to rely on Marley for survival. But can she depend on him when their mission takes a shocking and deadly turn?

I read this whole book without realizing I was reading number 3 in the series! I did wonder about it, as there are other couples mentioned that probably have a great back-story, but that's the beauty of these books; you can really just pick up anywhere in the series, enjoy it, and then go back and read the others. Kudos to the author for that! There's nothing worse than accidentally picking up a book in the middle of the series and being completely lost and that was certainly not the case here.

Falling for your boss is probably never a good idea, and nobody understands that better than Marley Addison. She has it bad for the CEO of Aegis, Jake Ryder, who is emotionally closed off and barely seems to register that Marley is female, let alone girlfriend material. I definitely get the appeal of the unattainable hot boss though and didn't blame her for lusting after him, even though he did seem like kind of a tool sometimes. My feelings toward Marley changed throughout the novel. At first, I thought she was meek, with no backbone, who just said yes to whatever other people wanted. Once the story progressed, she actually stood up to Jake. Often, in fact. Then towards the end, she goes back to just doing things to make other people happy. I wish she could have just stuck to her guns; I get that she was more than a little confused considering her ex, whom she thought was dead, was actually alive, but some of the choices she made had me shaking my head. I liked Jake's character better, mostly because we see him evolve as the story progresses. He goes from completely closed off and cocky, to emotionally open to Marley, although not without difficulty. He did have a rather sexist view of women in the beginning, not allowing Marley to go with them on field missions (although I guess you could chalk this up to him wanting to protect her) and basically thinking she was going to worthless in the jungle. Luckily she showed him that she can handle herself...most of the time anyway. There were multiple times I wanted to slap both of them upside the head; I can deal with characters having second thoughts on if they should be together, but after about the third time one of them ran out after sex, I wanted to rip my hair out.

Speaking of, the sex scenes were really hot, even if I knew the warm fuzzy feelings between them would be short lived afterward. The moment that stood out the most to me was when they are at the village in the jungle. I don't know how to explain it without giving too much away, but in this moment all of their reservations, insecurities, doubts, and fears were stripped away and it was incredibly steamy.

I don't feel like there were any huge surprises or twists in Fatal Pursuit. While I didn't know exactly how it would end, it was more or less what I expected. I still enjoyed the journey, however, and the interactions between Marley and Jake were always entertaining. As I said before, other couples were present, such as Eve and Zane, so I am looking forward to reading the previous two books to see how they ended up together as well.

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